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Una & Krys get chatty about massage competitions
Kneader Massage Podcast with BusyHive 8th November 2017

Here’s a podcast of an Interview that I did with the fabulous Krys of BusyHive back in September. We touched…

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How a little back pain can become a big problem 30th October 2017

The back burner is no place for your well being! All massage therapists will be able to relate to this…

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Stiff muscles blog - picture of Dr Gil Headley
Why muscles get stiff and how massage can help 9th August 2017

When I was a kid a LONG time ago, the word ‘fuzz’ was an American slang term for the police…

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Massage large muscle groups
The Kneader gets another great review 18th July 2017

Just doing my US Amazon accounts and came across the BEST massage tool review of the Kneader we have ever…

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Can a Massage Competition Change Your Life? 16th June 2017

I’m back from the first ever World Massage Championships in Copenhagen and I’m officially a massage competition winner. I won…

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Therapists don’t get manicures 3rd May 2017

OK, call me superficial but red, manicured nails is one of the main things that I really miss by being…

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Growing our massage market in 2017 7th January 2017

There’s nothing like a good clear out, especially when it’s a New Year’s one. The “out with the old” mentality…

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An Alternative Therapist’s Christmas Carol 25th December 2016

This year, I’ve struggled to feel Christmas in my head, much less my heart, which is not the usual 25…

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tech neck solutions
Tech Neck – Tackling neck and shoulder pain 6th November 2016

I massage all sorts of people in my work as a Kneader Onsite Massage therapist, both in offices and at…

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