I finally got around to it. With the excellent help of the ever lovely and extremely talented at Napoleon Creative  we filmed a couple of YouTube massage clips with the Kneader to encourage people to massage themselves more.  The DVD that comes with the Kneader covers most of this but we thought some bite-sized clips on YouTube might make it easier for people to access whilst getting the message of massage out there a bit more. This doesn’t take away from the need to get a professional massage on a regular basis but what it does do is help maintain the massage therapist’s work and, hopefully, make their job a bit easier.

Time and cost were, of course, major factors so we kept it simple and I tried to add a couple of the many new moves that customers have discovered to the mix.  You can more of our YouTube massage clips by typing subscribing to our channel.  Below are some links for easy review and please feel free to pass on your comments as they are important to us!  I hope you like them and find them useful….






The Kneader