As promised earlier, our blog has just gone international.  Our guest blogger for today is Neal from  ‘Massage Therapy Schools Information’ – a US website for massage therapists re their education and careers.  Neal saw the Kneader and thought it a fab massage tool.  He was very keen to trial it as he thinks the use of hand-held tools in the massage therapy industry is the only way forward but we have yet to crack the nut of getting a distributor in the US (fingers crossed it is not far off!).  Above, in its own post is an article he has written for our blog with a link to his site.  Some of the statistics are disturbing – on the MTSI blog, it states:

The burn out rate within the industry has been estimated at 50 to 88% within the first 3 to 5 years after graduation according to a study completed by Associated Bodyword and Massage Professionals, a reputable industry organization. Enrollment statistics seem to support this with over 50,000 students enrolling per year with 45,000 that leave the field annually.” 

Scary stuff but on the mark from what I have seen and heard at trade shows just by speaking with therapists of all ages and experiences.  At least there are professional educators and specialists out there like Neal who know the way forward and are not afraid to say what needs to be said!


The Kneader