After several years of enjoying the original (and very beautiful) Kneads Must site, it was time to update.  Change is never easy, nor is its success guaranteed, but it does help one grow and evolve with the times.  And times have changed. Technology continues to race ahead and so businesses must keep up to serve both their customers and/or compete in the overal market.  As a therapist, my main focus will always be client-based massage and all its health-affirming properties but, as a business selling a massage tool, it must also be about marketing and commerce.  To that end, the new Kneads Must site is much easier to read, more purchase-friendly (Buy Now buttons are in several places) and much more connected to social media.  The site, thanks to the wonderful Stephen Walker of Drew London, is now fresher, more focussed and better connected.

Ever the educator, I can’t completely give up on teaching and preaching to people about massage!  So the FAQs and general Kneader points pages have almagamated into the ‘How It Works’ page.  There is also the exciting addition of our new ‘Kneader Moves’ page.  When we first started selling, the DVD that comes with the Kneader was a really cool feature.  Now, with iPhones and Apps and everything available instantly on-line, our little DVD is a bit dated (although the information in it remains relevant and important). So we filmed all the major moves of the Kneader in small, bite-sized ‘quick rub clips’ so that customers can go on-line and find the moves to suit them in no time at all.  We will continue to add the DVD content onto the site but that is definitely for the New Year!

We hope you like the site and find our changes helpful in buying and using your Kneader.  Remember, it’s a great Christmas gift and it will continue to feel wonderful all year long!

Happy Massaging…

The Kneader