Here at Kneads Must we like the ‘little and often’ mindset.  I invented the Kneader so my clients could do little massage sessions regularly at home. I knew, from all my A&P studies, that doing something healthy regularly, even for short periods of time, can have a great long-term effect on overall well-being. Studies have shown that exercise is the same and now HIT training is all the rage (and for good reason – why slave away in a gym for hours when 15 minutes a day will do?). Even a 30-minute walk every day can have great results and is explained in this little article why walking is good for your lower back

Yoga is something that I am always promoting as I firmly believe in the benefits of stretching (check out our quick and easy desk stretches) . Yoga is great for stretching out every part of the body and is something that can be done well in 10 minutes. There are LOADS of Yoga routines on the web. Go searching and find the right one for you but here is a really good easy Yoga routine . It’s a ‘Sun Salutation’ routine in YouTube that you can with.


Badd Karma is all about making a difference more widely, and we think that social inclusion projects are a good place to start. In our first year, 8% of profits will go to causes that promote social inclusion—including projects that make yoga available to people who might otherwise find it hard to access. We’re aiming to increase that every year as we grow, until we’ve reached the point where more than 50% of profits are for social good.

Every once in a while, I come across a great product that’s so good, I want to share it with all my Kneader readers.  I was doing Kneader Massage at the Vegan #plantbasedlife show at Excel last Sunday on the Massage World Magazine stand.  Carl Newbury, the owner of the magazine and all-round great massage guy, had this resistance band that he was using in-between chair clients.  It looked like a rubber snake with a head on either end and all you did was pull at either one or both ends for a fabulous stretch and muscle workout. I loved it so much, I begged Carl until he gave it to me (I told you he was great!), and I eventually gave him a Kneader massage to thank him for being so nice (see picture).