To clear their air and relax from your day, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a perfect edition to any busy room: lounge, office, kitchen or bedroom. The lamp helps create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment creates positive ions in the air that are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality to deteriorate. It’s also a lovely mood-lighting lamp that adds a soothing soft glow to any room!

This Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is a best seller on Amazon, but you can find them in loads of places.

We have always been fans of Neals Yard from their oils, to their teas, body lotions and diffusers – the quality and range never ceases to impress. Why not try an essential oil blend for a delicious Kneader massage or use it in one of the diffusers they sell?

Bath time is always the best time, so why not blast away your care and stresses with some lovely Bath Bombs from Lush? We’re a fan of the relaxing variety or why not go with the essential oil route? Neom is a fab bath oil that will feel great on your body, whilst looking great on your bathroom shelf (the packaging is lush).  It’s got a calming blend of 19 pure essential oils (including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine).

T-London  are a very special fragrance collection for home and body that has been inspired by travel with a tea theme.

Based in London, a city steeped (pardon the pun!) in the history of tea, these clean, skin-friendly formulas are 99% natural. The blends are cruelty-free and  contain no parabens or artificial colours. They also have lovely candles that are hand-poured from 100% vegetable wax with the finest blended oils for a slow, clean burn, which beats any cheap, smokey candles any day (or night)!

We all spend far too much time indoors these days, whether it’s long hours working in the office or at home chilling in front of the telly.  Pollution is such a big issue now that climate change is beginning to rear it’s ugly, toxic head, but the focus is always outdoors. We rarely give a thought to our atmosphere indoors, save for whether it’s too hot or too cold. Studies have shown there are PLENTY of nasties contained in all air, so indoor plants are being featured in a lot of articles. They’re a great idea because not only do they purify the air, but they also look great and help add a calming effect to any room. This article from Good Housekeeping – 7 Indoor Plants That Can Actually Purify the Air in Your Home  is a good start but there are loads out there, so get out your misters and start growing that rubber plant in your office!

Sleep is so important and we continue to learn how a lack of sleep can not only detrimentally affect our personal and professional lives but is actually dangerous to our overall well-being. This Facebook presentation is the BEST thing I have ever seen. Matthew Walker is a sleep expert and he explains in under 5 minutes how lack of sleep affects your body. Mr Walker has now added a further video entitled 5 Compelling Reasons Why We Need to Sleep and it’s fab. Mindfulness experts agree that we need to have a good pre-bed routine in order to de-stress and help clear our minds for a better sleep. Some suggestions on how to do this are below.

This is a super simple and easy-to-do Easy Bedtime Yoga sequence.  It’s only five moves and will definitely melt away all the tensions of the day by stretching all those tight muscles.

However, if you really can’t be bothered, why not try these Yoga moves in bed?    Don’t be put off by the fact that model is on a Yoga mat, just move the covers and pillows away and do some or all of these moves on your bed (whatever feels good and comfy).

OK, muscles stretched and more relaxed. How about the mind? Here’s some great tips about how to relax the body and mind for sleep

Here at Kneads Must, we hope that everyone always has a happy and healthy holiday season and that you’re now enjoying massaging with your new Kneader massage tool (the gift that keeps on giving)!

However great Kneader massage is, many of us can and do experience varying levels of exhaustion from the excesses (and let’s face it – stress) of all the holiday celebrations.  By the time New Year’s eve rounds the corner, we seriously need a boost.  This is a great little article from BBC radio about all the different traditions around the world used in getting you in the right mind for the New Year.  You don’t have to travel to all these places, but you can embrace some of the activities or mindset to help you ring in a New Year full of positivity.  Peaceful traditions that will set you up for a great New Year

As I’m Irish, I thought I might share a long-held tradition called ‘Nollaig na mBan’ (also known as Women’s Christmas, Little Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany) that affords a well-earned break to all those hard-working Irish women who served up yet another Christmas to their families. As you can read from this very comprehensive Wikipedia article, there are plenty of countries that do something similar – why can’t there be more of these days, please?

Women’s Christmas – a Day of Rest in Ireland

Kneads Must loves hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) but there are many more nuggets of Nordic sense and sensibility to help us enjoy the art of living. I especially love ‘fika paus’ – who doesn’t like a proper cuppa?  Here’s a little taster collage I posted on our socials a couple of weeks back. It’s only a start but hopefully it will inspire people to delve deeper into the joys of living in and loving every moment possible, especially in the colder, darker months. The Little Book of Hygge is a great beginner’s read.