Hug your Hygge

Here are some things we like to help you embrace ‘hugge’ (pronounced hue-gah) which is the Danish word for the art of living simply in comfort and mindfulness.



Regular Massage Makes Sense

Our Kneader is the perfect way to show someone you care; and, if you do it well, you might just get one back! The kneader makes massaging yourself or another easy – Buy here and check out our ‘quick rub clips’ and on our YOUTUBE channel to make massage easy – you’ll be happy that you did!





25% off from the Mindful Chef

Not only does every single dish the Mindful Chef create taste completely delicious, it also nourishes you from the inside out, making you positively glow!

Our favourite dish so far is this one; chicken, shitake and courgetti miso ramen with a hint of ginger to kick those winter bugs away. They’re offering 25% off your first box  order here


The sweetest edition to any home

A Hygge favourite, one is just not enough.  Hand made a by a talented London Lady Lottie, they’re a bargain at £15 + £2.80 for pretty packaging, message and postage.
Please find Coldbour Lights on Facebook, Twitter or their website to place an order.





Skin heaven

The smell alone of this luscious almond-scented oil from L’Occitane will have you feeling on top of the world. as it helps to hydrate and nourish the body all-day-long. Buy here.


Winter One-pot

Our ‘go to’ winter warmer is Chicken Hotpot. Treat your other half or share friends and family for that feel good factor. Our fav recipe here.





An essential blend

We’ve have always been fans of the Neals Yard commitment to quality wellbeing products. Pick up a bespoke tea,organic supplements from Alina at their herbal apothecary at the Blackheath branch.  Whilst you’re there, have an on-site massage and buy a massage oil blend for using your own Kneader – this one would be great for a special night in. Buy here.


Brilliant bath booms

Blast away your care and stresses with the best bath booms in the business. We’re fans of the relaxing variety, go straight to Lush for the very best boom!


Sharing the love of food

Pumpkin stew is the perfect feel good food, vegetarian-friendly too! Share with friends, sit back and relax. Our fav recipe here.


Clear the air

Himalayan Salt Lamps are lovely lights that help create negatively charged ions in the air, which is a perfect way to improve the quality of air in any busy room in your home. Enjoy the glow, knowing that it’s also good for you. Buy here.



Sweets for the sweet

There’s a good reason that chocolates work so well as a present – who’s going to say ‘no’ to a nice box of loveliness? Now that it’s been confirmed that dark chocolate is good for you, you can enjoy it all more! We recommend this dark chocolate selection from Hotel Chocolate but if you just want a nibble after dinner, why not try this salted dark chocolate, which is a VERY tried and tested favourite of ours!

The sweet smell of Essential Oils

Burning candles all night long may create a great atmosphere but it also creates a build-up of soot in the air, which some (even Hygge countries like Denmark and Norway) are now viewing as potentially unhealthy. Low lights (from a lovely Himalayan Salt Lamp) and good aroma diffuser are now the way to go. This Soto diffuser is the one we use and can be used with all sorts of essential oils – why not start out with a blended one for calmness.