We got the new Kneader stock in last Friday and they all look super!  I now prefer the white – it looks like marble and it just seems more organic in look and feel, which works for me.  The fact that you can use it with all body oil blends, essential oils, wipes and hand cleansers is the cherry on the sundae.  I will always love the old, acrylic Kneaders – they were so beautiful that they looked like works of art – but they were reactive to alcohol, so we needed to find a material that was more user-friendly.

For most customers, it was enough that we told them to avoid all alcohol-related products – either they were able to avoid mixes with alcohol in them or they only used the tool over clothes, which negated the need to clean them so often – but now it is all a moot point.  After much product development, we have found something that looks good and works beautifully with all body oils and creams.

And I am biting at the bit to get them out there to customers.  I feel a celebratory sale coming on….. 

The Kneader