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“With a busy desk job, and being tall, getting neck, back and shoulder pain from time to time is unavoidable… the Kneader Onsite massage really gets into those sore and tight areas, leaving me feeling light and loose afterwards!  Highly recommended!”

Rob, London

“After suffering tension in my neck and shoulders for a few months I started having Kneader massages with Una. I noticed an improvement after the first two sessions due to the fact that the Kneader is used to work on tension points very specifically. Now I regularly have massages and Una is always able to pinpoint any area that needs particular attention. I have never experienced any discomfort after the massage and always feel relaxed and clear headed when I get back to my desk. I now have more flexibility, particularly in my shoulders which have always been prone to aches and pains.

Having on-site massage therapy is very convenient and the fact that this can be carried out in your lunch hour and over your clothing means that you receive the benefit of the treatment for the full 30 minutes without rushing to change at either end of the appointment. I would highly recommend this treatment and I think most people would benefit from any of the sessions that are offered.”

Pauline, London

“I went along for a Kneader massage due to suffering a sports injury which badly affected my neck, I was also having physio at that time which had not appeared to help much, if I am honest I thought this would be more of a pamper than a cure, but was pleasantly surprised not only by the thoroughness and knowledge of Una but also the after affects which over the coming weeks gave me full mobility again. Would certainly recommend to friends. Thanks Again, Mike.”

Mike, London

It’s wonderful for tired aching legs and feet, a perfect combination to use with our Karaliz body moisturising candles or on its own in the bath or shower with soap and great for therapists

Heather, Owner of Karaliz Cosmetics, Northern Ireland

I’ve been in practice for over 15yrs and this is a FAB tool. It’s perfectly formed for the hand (left or right) to use with ease. I’ve recommended this to all my colleagues and a couple of trainers. Its use is only limited by your imagination. What a thumb saver!!!

SC, London

I have found this an excellent tool to add to my massage therapy, for going deep into muscles it really saves on the hands and thumbs. It arrived on time and does exactly as it says on the tin!!

BP, North Yorkshire

Great product.  I’m a chiropractor and physical therapist, and I find it excellent for saving my thumbs – very good buy, easy to use and comfortable for patients.

Brandon, Ireland

Being sceptical after reading so many reviews on how amazing this product is I took the plunge……I was not disappointed! I have just used my partner as a guinea pig and he loved it. I was able to put pressure on him that I would have never been able to do with my hands, and was able to give him a full body massage with none of the hand cramps that I usually get trying to work out the knots in his back…

Jo, Halifax

I’m VERY IMPRESSED!! Booklet with DVD was a brilliant idea, soooooo helpful… real value for your money.

KW, Australia

It’s easy to use (the DVD is very well done) and really helped ease the tension in my neck and shoulders!

WRJ, London

Wow, I love this massager – and so does my husband! It saves me sore fingers and he gets a much better shoulder rub. I would highly recommend this – many thanks.

EM, Hants

My dad has arthritic hands and cannot give a traditional massage. With the Kneader, he can give great massages with none of the pain he experienced, and my mom gets to have great massages again.

EB, Canada

Megafast service and a fantastic product – thanks!!

SL, The Netherlands