Slow, sweeping move that starts with light pressure and increases as required. Similar to the movement used in ironing, it presses out the tension in over-tired muscles and is very relaxing!
Deeper movement to help further break down muscle tension. Work in small to medium circles with a side point of the tool or do deeper strokes or rocking motions using an arch.
Percussions can be light or deeper in pressure but always check for comfort (if you have 2 Kneaders, use them together!). Use the fat arch(es) or turn the Kneader(s) flat on their side. Keep the tool(s) close to the area to do tight and fast percussions or move farther away to do looser, slower ones. Do for 5-10 seconds.
Frictions & Pressure Points
These intense moves should only be applied to small areas for 5-10 seconds. Frictions can be small sawing motions or tight circles (using a side point) or waving motions (using either arch). For Pressure Points, lean a side point of the tool onto a tight spot and hold for 3-5 seconds.

The Kneader