I’ve been very busy of late. Spring brings lots of time-critical jobs for KML and also for my garden, so I have been chasing my proverbial tail more than usual – especially now that I have started Kneads Must On-site Massage (as if I wasn’t busy enough!).

So, I wake up with ‘to-do’ lists in my head and, if I’m on fire that day, I’ll get five things done, which isn’t great seeing that the lists are usually 10-15 items long. Even when I’m doing one task, I’m thinking of what I need to do next, which affects one’s concentration and energy levels. The only time I get totally focussed is when I am massaging, so I make sure I do that as much as possible (not a chore because I love it); but I really needed to give my head a holiday.

Last Sunday, I attended the 10am monthly CityZen meditation that the ever-serene and always lovely Fateh runs in Ladywell. It’s an hour-long journey of visualisation, breathing and chanting that allows me to drop all my mental shopping and just be. Sometimes my internal list-maker tries to crash the serenity party, but it’s always given short shrift and I always feel amazing afterwards.

I left the session being able to breathe deeply again and got into my car a refreshed woman. All of a sudden, a complete rush of business ideas came into my head and I wrote them down as they flowed to me. Yep, it’s technically another list, but one that is much more ‘bigger picture’ than my usual daily tasks lists and I was delighted with the scope of the ideas.

I opened the door to my mind and was given a warm welcome. Holistic health is both body AND mind – Namaste!

The Kneader