Welcome 2019, you’re finally here! The New Year brings the tradition of resolutions. While many people eschew them, I’m a big fan.  Most successful businesses and people regularly take stock with goal setting. It sets the parameters of where you are and where you want to go. Otherwise days, weeks and months can slip by without any measured progress. So, for posterity, here are my 2019 resolutions for myself and Kneads Must. It’s all about streamlining things, for a better business and a better me.

Resolution #1: Out with the Old, In with the New

December’s blog discussed the streamlining of the Kneader’s new packaging, which is now 100% recyclable.  However, I don’t want to stop there.  When I started Kneads Must way back in 2003, I was a big believer in hard copy documents. Filing was fun! 15 years later and my office is drowning in paper, and it’s driving me mad. One of my first and main goals is to go paperless. Going digital will involve upgrading my laptop in the January sales and seriously downsizing all my files. My scanner, my shredder and I are about to become close friends. It may seem like an early spring clean, but this clear-out is about 10 years’ overdue.

Resolution #2: New Look Me

Something that’s also overdue is losing weight. Like millions of women, going on a diet is top of my resolutions list every January! I’m a 50-something menopausal woman now, so getting fitter is no longer a matter of choice – it’s a necessity. I regularly spend up to 6 hours doing chair massage for corporate clients. The Kneaders protect my hands from strain, but being overweight does not help my hips, knees or feet. The menopause has also affected my energy levels. I therefore need to do everything I can to minimise strain and optimise health for personal and professional longevity.  Losing a couple of stone through healthy diet and exercise is that look good/feel good solution that simply must be done.

Resolution #3: Get connected and Get Seen

Social media is the best and most cost-effective way to market your business these days. Doubly so for Kneads Must, selling  both the Kneader massage tool and providing chair massage to the good people of London.  For years, I just let the therapist and customer recommendations move us gently along the tide. Well, it’s time to get paddling. In September, I started a brilliant 12-week media course with The Vlog Academy, which covers how to get your business seen on FB, YouTube, Instagram etc.  It has inspired me to finally step out of the shadows and in front of the camera. I want to download loads of free massage content a la Joe Wicks to get Kneads Must seen and everyone healthier. You will therefore be seeing a lot more posts from me in 2019, which is another reason for dropping a couple of pounds – the camera does not lie!

Resolution #4: Knowledge is Power

The Kneader Chair Massage service continues to grow because its clients love the mix of relaxing, deep tissue and invigorating percussion moves. They also love the simplicity of it – just sit down and relax! The Kneaders are so good over clothes, I just had to do onsite massage with them. I based the Kneader routine on what I would want if I was the customer and the clients love it. However, I’m the only one doing this specific routine, and I want to pass it on. A while back, I devised a great short course to teach the routine, but the problem was that it wasn’t online. I taught two courses before I realised that time, travel, accommodation etc., were all proving too limiting. I hope to bring the course online by the summer, so that that therapists from all over can practice the joys of Kneader Chair Massage.

So, there are the Kneads Must resolutions for 2019. I wish you well with yours. I’ll see you back here in about 12 months to either congratulate or commiserate on our progress!

Happy massaging and Namaste, Una

The Kneader