I have, for some time, wanted to do another blog on positive thinking and how it can affect our lives for good or ill. This is a simple subject that has a MASSIVE effect on our lives and it is all-too-often overlooked in our modern and busy lives.  It also the cornerstone of the holistic ‘ Body and Mind’ approach.

I thought the attached quote was spot on. If the saying ‘You are what you eat’ is true (and we all know it is), then it stands to reason that ‘We are what we think’. We acknowledge that eating junk food and putting bad things into our bodies is detrimental to our physical health, so why do we not make the same connection to our minds? We all watch crap on TV (think reality shows, depressing soaps, violent dramas), we all complain incessantly about the minutiae of our lives, we all over-schedule our days and rush about like whirlwinds trying to make the next appointment in order to be a ‘success’, we all spend hours on our phones and laptops reading depressing news items – the list goes on and on and is accepted as part of living today. And yet we don’t stop to question how all this negativity or over-stimulation affects the health of our minds.

Or the fact that what affects our minds, will eventually affect our bodies.  You know the story – it’s only when we become ill that we truly consider our health.  So don’t wait to get sick.  Just work at being healthier.

How?  Well, that’s as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.  But here are a couple of suggestions.

Be positive – within reason, there’s an up-side to pretty much everything. Slow down your day a bit and take time for some quiet reflection. Walk more.  Take time to enjoy your food. Don’t starve yourself of sleep. Enjoy regular massage – it’s great for your body AND your mind. Breathe deeply. And choose to be happy – it really can be that simple sometimes.

The Kneader