You never completely know somebody, even someone you’ve known most of your life. There I was last week, taking my BF to a meditation session early on a Saturday morning and hoping that she wouldn’t be bored. I had emailed my meditation teacher, Fateh, and warned him that she was a ‘meditation virgin’ but being the cool and experienced tutor that he is, he was undeterred and ever welcoming. Cue me bribing herself to ‘come with’ by proffering a pre-session brekkie and a post-session chair massage, which she graciously accepted (who, in their right mind, would turn down a free Kneader massage?!).

I, of course, loved the session. It’s so rare that I can sit down for an hour of mindfulness and Fateh takes you on a wonderful and peaceful journey. All my head noise melted away and showed me that I have trouble letting go of things and amidst all the deep breathing and visualisation indeed a glimmer of self-doubt still remained – I found myself listening to her breathing for traces of impatience. After the hour, we opened our eyes and, thankfully, she was still there and didn’t look even remotely disgusted. When we were walking to the car, I timidly enquired if she liked the session, fully expecting her to scornfully label me a ‘hippy’ and eschew her love of modern life and all things technological. But that was not to be. She loved it and said that she had been doing a pre-sleep mediation every night on her iPhone (truly the best of both worlds). Even better, she was all up for next month’s session on the 21st March, and I didn’t even have to bribe her.

But she knows I’ll give her a massage all the same……


Fateh runs CityZen workshops and meditation classes in Ladywell:  07811 459 229

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