Yes, new eyes make all the difference. There I was thinking that the Kneader Onsite Manual couldn’t get any better. and then my second course of students had a read. They joined me to earn 5 massage therapist CPD points to learn all about my award winning massage tool. I run this course regularly in London.

massage therapist CPD points

What eagle-eyed wonders they were – they spotted typos, a misplaced picture and made two REALLY good suggestions: a visual ‘road map’ for the routine set out on one page to help to learn the flow of sections and a new page containing a symbols key (I use a lot of graphics to demonstrate the moves in the manual which, on first glance, may not be a clear to everyone as they are to me).

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Needless to say, I have been busy in PowerPoint-land making good these changes and have also added in a full page on pregnancy in massage as per the Federation of Holistic Therapists request which I simply could not refuse, seeing they are in the process of accrediting the course!

And that’s the latest development.  My one-day course has now become a two-day course: one day of instruction, followed by a month in which to do 10 routines (i.e. case studies) and then back for a practical exam. It’s more time but worth the effort as it becomes a much better deal for therapists: the one-day certificate course worth 5 massage therapist CPD points becomes a diploma course worth 10 CPD and that IS worth doing! It will also open up the course to more insurers as they all recognise accredited courses.

If you want to attend my course in London, get in touch as I run them regularly.

Back to my manual amends but one very proud tutor….

The Kneader