According to a new study, if you massage sore muscles it helps recovery by decreasing inflammation and enhancing muscle growth.

Wow – who knew?!

Well, pretty much everybody, especially those of us who are professional massage therapists. We see the positive effects of massage on the mind and body every day.

Massage has always been around in one form or another but, in the West, it’s no longer seen as a treat for the wealthy or reserved for athletes but as a genuine contributor to a healthy lifestyle – for everybody.  If you’re looking to give yourself a massage after exercise or sport, our Kneader is perfect for you. Just slip it into your gym bag, and it’s perfect to give your calves a rub in the changing room, or take it into the shower and rub your shoulders under the hot water!

massage sore muscles

The study confirmed that massage may decrease inflammation and enhances muscle  growth. Studies like this only further promote the cause of massage as a serious treatment.


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