Pretty much everyone knows that regular massage is good for them, but what about those who still need massage but could never afford to make it part of their lives?  Massage is still seen as a relatively affluent pursuit, i.e. a spa “treat” or for stressed out high-flyers or for those who train in physical pursuits.  Even I’m guilty at times of dwelling on the “pamper vision” – a spa treatment room decked out with candles and fluffy towels – but massage is SO much more than that and having coffee with my lovely friend Rose today reminded me of the bigger picture.

Rose is an experienced therapist trained in a variety of massage disciplines, who works several days a week providing massage and healing to two addiction centres in London. This is literally “hands-on” social work and is no doubt of great comfort to her clients, many of whom are battling various addictions (some of them long-term and painful). There are therapists and carers all over the world massaging the sick, the elderly, the injured and the needy. Massage will not solve all the problems in a person’s life but it makes living in that moment better and that’s good on any level.

Here’s to Rose and all therapists and carers out there just like her.

The Kneader