Hello All, I am posting a link to this great article written by John Holman, Designer of the Hydrotherm massage system and owner of John Holman Therapy Solutions. He is a massage therapist who specialises in treating people with cancer and life threatening illnesses.  Our society, i.e. in the industrialised West, is both an ageing one and pretty toxic; yet we still tend to respectfully ignore long-term or terminal illness as a social taboo, until, of course, it affects us personally.  We really need to rethink how we approach serious illness and the best way forward is one where holistic treatments are paired with mainstream medicine, for a comprehensive and healing way of dealing with illness.  Up until recently, having cancer was seen as a contraindication for massage, but thinking is changing on this and all for the better.  Please read this wonderful article – you never know when such holisitc help may be needed for someone you know. Happy and healthy massaging to you all!


The Kneader