A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who wanted to post an article about sensual massage on the KML Blog.  Whilst I am always happy to have colleagues write about their areas of expertise on our site, I declined the offer for what should be obvious reasons.

The adjective ‘sensuous’ anywhere near the term ‘massage’ tends to make holistic therapists deeply uncomfortable, if not downright indignant.  The embarrassing situation of a misguided, amorous client enquiring about a ‘happy ending’ to their massage treatment is something that every massage therapist accepts may happen in the course of their professional career, whilst praying that it never does.  But it does continue to happen – albeit, in a small minority of cases – and for a number of reasons.   The first being that the term ‘massage’ continues to be misused to front the practices of sex workers.  Go into any ‘red light’ district in the world and you will find advertisements for ‘massage’, ‘masseuses’ and ‘masseurs’ all over the place (subsequently, the term ‘massage therapist’ has now replaced the usage of ‘masseuse’/’masseur’ throughout the Health & Beauty and Holsitic Therapy industries).  The second is obvious but less straightforward.  The fact is that the physical contact involved in a full body massage treatment can be misinterpreted by certain individuals as being a sexual experience, although the vast majority of massage clients are educated to the process and expect nothing more than a professional, holistic treatment.  Some individuals may have a sex services in mind when they first go in and it is standard practice for the therapist to terminate the treatment immediately upon anything untoward being said or done.  In even rarer cases, some individuals may develop a dependency (or even infatuation) with their massage therapist over time and it is at that point the therapist must either refer that person onto a different therapist or terminate their treatments altogether.  Such dilemmas are not the norm but they remain the reason why I generally don’t massage male clients, and I have debated this issue with other massage therapists on many a professional forum in the past.

But, after all is said and done, massage can be a sensual experience; and, if that is your aim, it can be a great segway into a wonderful experience.  All the better if it is St Valentine’s Day and you have someone special on hand to help you indulge in some symbiotic pampering.  The old saying of “If you’re going to do something, do it well” makes sense here and any massage that you give needs to be controlled and of good quality, otherwise you’ll end up with baby oil all over the place and an uncomfortable (and probably annoyed) lover before you – not quite the ‘memorable experience’ you may have been hoping for.  You want to give your lover a decent massage that will relax them, show how much you care and ultimately get them “in the mood” – the moves should be simple and the routine about 15-20 mins max (otherwise they will be too relaxed and end up wanting nothing more than sleep).  Getting the balance right is a bit like being on a ‘mission with commission’ – they will benefit from a good massage and, ultimately, so will you!

With that in mind, I have included below some basic ‘Quick Rub’ clips from YouTube to help you massage your someone special well. The first links are with the Kneader, which will do the work for you and help if you are not particularly strong or experienced in giving massage.  Every Kneader comes with an instructional DVD, so watch it – it shows you a full-body massage routine from which you can copy moves. The links below are a couple of leg clips that we recently did on YouTube (more clips to follow) and they show basic moves that you can apply anywhere. That said, I also wanted to provide options for hands-only sensual massage, because alternating the Kneader with good hand moves works really well and will make it more intimate. YouTube is awash with massage clips to cater for all kinds; so if you want more, go to YouTube and happy viewing. I came across many dodgy sites (the things I do for my readers!) looking for adequate clips to include here and these hand-only sensual massage clips are relatively acceptable (despite some dodgy music, totally glammed up women and a bit too much moaning); the moves are easy to do and look effective – just remember to always massage slowly and try and keep hand contact with the body as much as possible.

Finally, to massage safely and well, please check out our FAQ section on the Kneads Must site (links 1 & 2 below).  You will find guidance on how to massage and some important do’s and don’ts for carrying out massage at home.

Happy Massaging and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do’s and Don’ts of Massage Guidelines

General Tips for a Good Massage

How to Massage the Lower Leg with the Kneader – YouTube Link

How to Massage the Upper Leg with the Kneader – YouTube Link

Hands-only Sensual Massage – Simple Back and Leg Moves

Hands-only Sensual Massage – Simple Back and Arm Moves

The Kneader