Una & Krys get chatty about massage competitions

Una & Krys get chatty about massage competitions

Here’s a podcast of an Interview that I did with the fabulous Krys of BusyHive back in September. We touched on some very exciting subjects – mostly about my massage tool, the Kneader, and it’s participation (and winning a silver medal) at the World Massage Championships 2017. There’s lots of info and feedback on the next World Massage Competition and its UK counterpart, UK Massage Championships, so please listen if you’re interested. The recording goes a tad wonky for about a minute14-15 minutes in. It’s fine after that so do persevere with it, because we had a great aul’ chat!

You can hear the podcast at: Una’s chat with BusyHive


BusyHive is a company and website exists to highlight all the exciting things and wonderful people that make up our massage industry today.  Krys is also a therapist himself and passionate about all things massage. He therefore has created a great interview format that includes the interviewee’s favourite quote, their business journey, their advice to new therapists and a section to nominate new padcast candidates. There are loads of podcasts to peruse already and they are all an interesting listen.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and all the very best!

The Kneader