After many moons of working on the Kneader’s new packaging, it’s finally finished. I must say that the results have been well worth the effort.

That was then

Kneader Packshot - Amazon standard June 2015

Yes, the original presentation box (circa 2012) was lovely, thanks to the artistry of Elle Moss of Drew London.  Her minimalist design managed to be stylish, sophisticated and holistic all at the same time.  The Kneader was cleverly framed in the window of its own box and would have caught many an in-store shopper’s eye. It also came with its own high-spec instructional manual and DVD – something that was positively unique in massage tools then. The initial plan was to sell it in both high-street shops and online. However, the Kneader never made it onto the high street because the in-store rent was staggering.

This is now…

As every business owner knows, not everything goes according to schedule. Markets evolve and change and so must we.  Today, the high street is struggling and the Kneader is happy to be an online product. The original box was beautiful but bulky and not postal-friendly.  There was also a lot of inner packaging required to keep the box upright on a shelf, some of which involved single-use plastic that’s now a huge environmental problem. The DVD that we were so proud of is now obsolete. The manual needed updating to support our international customers and reflect all of our online support. In short, the Kneader needed a serious packaging overhaul. We started the makeover in May…

The makeover

New packaging (Kneader in new box and manual) Dec 18

The manual rewrite was a joy. Translating it from English into French, Spanish and German was a nightmare. I would not have got through it without the linguistic talents and generosity of Will, Tara, Dave and Miguel. Again, my thanks to Elle and the Drew Crew for processing my never-ending edits into a sleek and comprehensive new manual.

The outer-packaging was also tricky. It had to be postal-friendly whilst meeting the storage requirements of some of the larger online retailers. Most of all, it had to be eco-friendly. Yes, I’m proud to be an earth-mother massage therapist! I wanted it 100% recyclable, so we found a sturdy, brown box that fitted the Kneader and its new manual. We’ve added some coloured paper (I’m leaning towards shredded – it’s cooler and more user-friendly) to fill the box. On the outside, there are some lovely Kneads Must stickers (not pictured) to secure and brand the box in a lovely way. After 8 months’ of work, the Kneader now has packaging that’s up-to-date, pleasing and practical.

We still have some original Kneader stock for sale through Amazon. If you order one, you might get the lovely older presentation box or you might get the new, eco-friendly version. Either way, you’ll get the same Kneader, manual and website/YouTube support, which will give you the gift of satisfying massage for many years to come!

Be well, happy and massaged for Christmas! Namaste and peace….. Una, Kneads Must

The Kneader