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Kneader Chair Massage Course

  • Are you thinking about growing your business with chair massage?
  • Does learning and practising new moves/techniques in your own space and time work for you?
  • Want to learn a new routine but can’t afford another big course cost? Ours is only €10.00, when you purchase two Kneaders!

Here’s how the Kneader Chair Massage Course can help you

Kneader Chair Massage is an award-winning chair routine that’s done over clothes with two Kneader massage tools. The routine is an exciting mix of holistic massage, acupressure/trigger points and passive stretching that can help therapists save on their hands and energy levels. Furthermore, the Kneader makes sense for any practice because it’s a durable, one-size-fits-all massage tool that’s easy to clean between clients. Finally, all the Kneader moves taught in our chair routine can also be used to supplement other routines, especially for deep and/or reptitive moves, which is real value for money.

Busy therapists can now learn the full Kneader Chair Massage routine online, in their own space and time. There are also no exams or deadlines with Kneader Chair Massage. Learners progress at their own pace and decide when they’re done, but that does not mean they’re on their own. Also included is membership to the Kneader Chair Massage Facebook group with a Q&A forum, videos and information updates to help improve and share everyone’s Kneader knowledge. Once a therapist is confident with the Kneader techniques and routine moves, they can either practice the chair massage as originally laid out or mix and match new moves to create their own, unique Kneader routines, for chair, table or floor.

Please check out our Kneader Chair Massage Course information page for full details on the course and what it can do for you, or check out our frequently asked questions (FBAs) below. We look forward to you joining our online learning community soon. Happy Massaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact if I have any questions?2023-01-15T12:14:17+00:00

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Una at

What will I need for the online course?2023-01-15T12:14:23+00:00

First things first – you will need two Kneaders! We keep the cost for the Kneaders as low as we can go, which is €12.50 per Kneader (2 for €25) when you order directly from us. Our Kneader price does not include P&P, which will be calculated for you when you purchase the tools from our website shop. From a posting perspective, it’s much better value to buy 2 Kneaders together!

Second, you will need a massage chair. We recommend that you go for the best you can afford because we know, from experience, that onsite massage chairs need to be sturdy, well-made, versatile and light. However, there are all sorts of chair options out there and a lot of them can be purchased second-hand to save on costs, so it’s definitely worth shopping around. If you’re in any doubt, you can ask questions on our course participants Facebook page for Una and/or other course members to discuss. Una is not sponsored by anybody, so she’ll just give you her honest opinion as an experienced massage therapist on any product query or discussion.

Third, you will also need antiseptic wipes and any PPE gear that government and/or your insurer guidelines advise for both yourself and your models/clients.

Fourth, you’ll need a massage model to practice all the Kneader moves in this routine on. That means free massage for your friends and family, which should make you very popular indeed! This routine, like all Kneader massage, is designed for adults only so we don’t recommend you practise on children (including teenagers), nor should you massage any individual who presents with any massage contraindications, which you can find on our massage infor page here. As a massage professional, you should let your insurers know that you will be massaging with the Kneader/learning a new routine, so that you will be covered for all eventualities.

Is the course accredited and will insurers recognise the qualification?2023-01-15T12:15:33+00:00

If your country of practice recognises CPD points, this online course is CPD-approved as a short course with the international massage association, ThinkTree. If you have no idea what CPD points are, don’t worry because it just means that this course has been vetted and approved for quality and professionalism.

As a professional massage therapist, you will be familiar with arranging insurance cover for your massage business in accordance with the requirements of your country of practice and/or professional governing body. You’ll therefore have to arrange your own insurance cover in order to perform Kneader Chair Massage on any individual and/or your use of the Kneader massage tool, either in the Kneader Chair Massage routine or as a supplemental tool in your other routines.

Because this is a professional course that is recognised by an international governing body, it should prove easy to add the routine and the Kneader massage tool to your business insurance wherever you are in the world. However, if your insurer or governing body needs to know more about either the Kneads Must, the Kneader tool or this course, then we’ll be happy to provide them with further details.

Are there any course restrictions?2023-01-15T12:15:40+00:00

You must be over 18 and a qualified massage therapist in accordance with the professional regulations of the country you practice in.

The Kneader

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