OK, I overdid it on my exercise session last Friday.  Those deep squats I was doing felt so easy that I did double what I usually do and felt very smug indeed.  However, on Saturday, I just felt in pain.  Getting in and out of a chair, going up the stairs and getting into/out of the car all involved major intakes of breath.  I put up with it all day as I had so much to be getting on with but, come the early evening, my patience with my aching thighs was wearing thin.  I, more than anyone, had the benefit of having a selection of Kneaders to hand so, whilst I was sitting watching telly, I ran the Kneader slowly up my thighs, adding pressure as I went on, then working into rocking movements and finishing with lots of waving movements up and down the long muscles – I only put about 5 minutes into it.  I didn’t break a sweat, nor did I lose a second of the telly show I was watching but BOY did my thighs feel so much better – then and this morning.  I woke up with not an ache to be felt.  It really can be as simple as a couple of minutes on a key spot, so why don’t we all do it more often – why have we learned to accept or aches and pains as being part of our lives?

The Kneader