As a simple massage therapist, I am not an activist of any particular sort (unless the mission is to get everyone massaging regularly!). However, I am also Irish and Catholic and feel compelled to use this humble blog to support what will be a (hopefully) ground-breaking vote in Ireland this Friday, when the people of Ireland go to the polls to decide whether to give gay people the right to legally marry within the Emerald Isle.

Although the holistic movement is not overtly political, it is very clear in its basic tenet of a positive existence: one that acknowledges all of our intrinsic similarities whilst accepting all our individual differences.  The mind/body manifesto is to exist in the moment without negativity or malice.  In doing so, we create an inner and an outer balance that promotes wellness for ourselves and possibly others.

For both sides of the debate in Ireland, this vote has come down to a modern, secular society versus a traditional, religious one and emotions are riding high in both camps.  However, homosexuals having full and fair equality under the law is not a religious issue but a legal one. The law should should afford the same rights to absolutely everyone in an impartial and secular manner; otherwise, it becomes about entitlement, privilege, bigotry and oppression – and Ireland has already suffered too much in its history under such injustices.

As an Irish Catholic, I was taught that ‘God is Love’ and that Love knew no boundaries.  I pray now to that loving and all-embracing God that the voters of Ireland open their hearts and their minds to vote ‘Yes’ on Friday, so that we can all live in peace, happiness and wellness.

Una Tucker
MD of Kneads Must

The Kneader