Recently we had a review on our Amazon page which gave us pause for thought. We’d never considered the Kneader as a hot stone massage alternative, but the review said the Kneader was:

helping my wrists no end. The only downside for me is that is quite cold and cannot be heated before using on a client. Otherwise it is well worth the money.”

It’s great to hear that the Kneader is saving a massage therapist’s wrists (it’s why I designed it) but I agree, you don’t want to massage with a cold one! The Kneader heats up very quickly on the skin due to friction and body heat, but if it’s cool to the touch on first contact, you might want to wrap it in a flannel soaked in hot water, or put it in a bowl of warm water. This will take warm it up enough to be lovely and warm when it first touches the skin.

May be we should be marketing the Kneader as a hot stone massage alternative!

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