If your country of practice recognises CPD points, this online course is CPD-approved as a short course with the international massage association, ThinkTree. If you have no idea what CPD points are, don’t worry because it just means that this course has been vetted and approved for quality and professionalism.

As a professional massage therapist, you will be familiar with arranging insurance cover for your massage business in accordance with the requirements of your country of practice and/or professional governing body. You’ll therefore have to arrange your own insurance cover in order to perform Kneader Chair Massage on any individual and/or your use of the Kneader massage tool, either in the Kneader Chair Massage routine or as a supplemental tool in your other routines.

Because this is a professional course that is recognised by an international governing body, it should prove easy to add the routine and the Kneader massage tool to your business insurance wherever you are in the world. However, if your insurer or governing body needs to know more about either the Kneads Must, the Kneader tool or this course, then we’ll be happy to provide them with further details.