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If you’re looking to book chair massage for your workplace or an event, the Kneader Chair Massage routine is done over clothes with two Kneader massage tools. It’s a relaxing blend of holistic massage, acupressure/trigger points and passive stretching that will help ease tired or over-contracted muscles and leave you refreshed.

Call out rates

2 hours €55 per hour
3 hours or more €50 per hour

(any time extensions you need on top of your booked time are billed at 25 per 30 mins)

Our treatments include full back, neck, arms and head massage

For groups, offices or events, Kneads Must has a range of session times (15, 30 45 and 60-minute slots) that can fit in with everybody’s schedule. Our award-winning Kneader Chair Massage routine can be broken down into pick-and-mix segments (full back, shoulders/neck, back/arms etc.), to make sure everyone gets the massage they want. We’re always happy to share wellness tips such as easy stretching and massage moves – especially ones using the Kneader – so that you can keep up the good work at home. At Kneads Must, we like to help make massage easy!

Minimum call out time is 2 hours.

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    Would you like to expand your therapy palette?
    Increase your earning potential with an easy and effective type of chair massage?
    Does learning online in your own space and time work for you?
    Can't afford another big course cost? Our online couse is only £49.99!

    Then the Kneader On-Site Massage is for you!

    Kneader Chair Massage is an award-winning routine that’s done over clothes and with two Kneader massage tools. It’s an exciting mix of holistic massage, acupressure/trigger points and passive stretching that’s effective and easy to do. It’s a great way for qualified massage therapists to learn hand-saving techniques – that can be used in other massage disciplines – by training in a routine that’s different, exciting and easy to learn. Kneader Chair Massage is also user-friendly because the Kneader is a one-size fits all massage tool that’s self-contained and easy to disinfect between clients – an assuredly convenient option in these post-lockdown times.

    Busy therapists can now learn the Kneader Chair Massage routine online, in their own space and time. If you practice in a country that recognises points for continued learning, this short course is CPD-approved (details in our FAQ section below). You’ll have full course access for 6 months – you can’t rush good learning! – which includes group and individual support.  Even after you’ve completed the course, you’ll continue to have unlimited access to our exclusive Kneader Chair Massage Facebook group, where there will be Q&As, videos and information updates to help you progress and share your Kneader knowledge. So, why not use your free time to earn a new massage qualification, protect your hands and grow your business?

    Please check out our Kneader Chair Massage Course information page for full details on the course and its submission form.  Alternately, you can fill in the form below and ask us any questions that you have and we’ll get back to you shortly. We look forward to you joining our online learning community soon. Happy Massaging!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are there any course restrictions?

      You must be over 18 and a qualified massage therapist in accordance with the professional regulations of the country you practice in.

      Is the course accredited and will insurers recognise the qualification?

      This short course is CPD-approved with the international massage association, ThinkTree, which means that it has been vetted and approved for quality and professionalism. As a working therapist, you will know that it’s your responsibility to arrange for insurance to cover you carrying out Kneader Chair Massage on any individual and/or your use of the Kneader massage tool either in the Kneader Chair Massage routine or as a supplemental tool in your other routines. There are several insurers in the UK and Ireland that recognise this course qualification, so your insurance provider, wherever you are, should be fine with insuring (they will probably require your certificate of completion from the course).  However, if your insurer or governing body needs to know more about the Kneads Must, the Kneader tool or this course, then we’ll be happy to provide them with further details.

      What will I need for the online course?

      First things first – you will need two Kneaders! Our low course price is great value at just GB £49.99 (or the equivalent of via international currency exchange rates). We also keep the cost for the Kneaders as low as we can go, which is GB £30 for 2 Kneaders if you order directly from Una (price does not include P&P).  They can also be purchased on the Kneader Amazon Page. and would probably get to you faster that way.

      Second, you will definitely need a good onsite massage chair. We recommend that you go for the best you can afford because we know, from experience(!), that massage chairs need to be sturdy, well-made, versatile and light. If you’re in doubt, Una and the other course participants will be happy to discuss all things chairs (she’s not sponsored by anybody!) on the course’s closed Facebook page or you can email Una directly (details below).

      Third, you will also need antiseptic wipes and any PPE gear that government guidelines advise for both yourself and your clients.

      Fourth, you will need to arrange an online booking and/or payment system – if you don’t have one already.  Not to worry if you don’t, there is a section covered by this in the course and you can always discuss on our FB Q&As!

      Who can I contact if I have any questions?

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Una at

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      Kneader Chair Massage Course

      Our online chair massage course is just £49.99! Check out further course details on our 'Book a Course' tab in this Booking menu.

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