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The Kneads Must Onsite Massage website is online! 31st October 2016

Some of you may have noticed that there have been big changes in the land of Kneads Must. Our website…

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In Praise of Men…. 30th October 2016

Yep, you read it right.  I’m going to big-up men, particularly the chivalrous ones. There’s a lot of misogyny around…

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Una Tucker Award Winning Massage Therapist
The Kneader wins its first massage tool award! 2nd October 2016

Success, especially to an Irish Catholic woman of a certain age, is a difficult concept to embrace. This was brought home…

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massage therapist CDP points
A new pair of eyes on my Massage therapist CPD course 26th May 2016

Yes, new eyes make all the difference. There I was thinking that the Kneader Onsite Manual couldn’t get any better….

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Why stretching is so important 23rd February 2016

I cannot tell you how many times, especially when doing Kneader On-Site Massage (is it because we go into offices?),…

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Why do some people get sore after a massage? 15th February 2016

Sometimes people can feel sore after a massage and I’ve had a few clients have this response, although it always…

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From the long road towards a major goal…… 12th February 2016

I’ve not blogged for ages but, rest assured Kneader fans, I have been beavering away in the background for the…

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Who really wants to work more? 17th November 2015

The whole “work should be fabulous” debate trudges on and I have blogged about it more than once, as I…

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All those ducks in a row…. 13th July 2015

Last Wednesday was a great day for Kneads Must.  It was a beautiful, summery day and I spent it with…

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