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B&W picture of an unmade bed in front of a window
A Blog for My Bed 6th October 2021

How I found out why a good mattress is really important…. The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in…

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Picture of Una Tucker holding a trophy and certificate in front of a London School of Massage banner
Memories of being a Massage Therapist 19th January 2021

I was doing a bit of an office clear out recently to keep on top of things.  Being a bit…

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A moon in December
Embracing the New Year with Hygge 2nd January 2021

I’ve never been a fan of the traditional full-on health regime that follows New Year’s Eve and advocate sensible hygge…

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Woman sitting next to a massage doll
Help us name our new massage course model! 8th July 2020

It’s official – after a year of hard work, we’ve launched our new online Kneader Chair Massage Course! We have…

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Mother's love through touch
All you *Knead* is Love (and the healing touch of massage) 7th February 2019

  The Beatles were right on this one. Love is one of the strongest human emotions and we crave it…

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New Year resolutions we can live with 9th January 2019

  New Year resolutions have changed for the better.  A couple of years ago, this BBC feature ‘five tips for…

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Welcome 2019, you’re finally here! The New Year brings the tradition of resolutions. While many people eschew them, I’m a…

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A New Look (the Kneader gets new product packaging) 24th December 2018

After many moons of working on the Kneader’s new packaging, it’s finally finished. I must say that the results have…

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cold compress alternative
Give Peas A Chance 30th March 2018

When treating a sports injury, people turn to heat to promote healing. When treating an injury, both warmth and ice…

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