Last Wednesday was a great day for Kneads Must.  It was a beautiful, summery day and I spent it with the wonderful crew of Napoleon Creative, who used their graphics and video expertise to help me update the Kneads Must YouTube channel and this humble website.  I also had a great meeting with our friends at SUCK UK, who help us manufacture the Kneader. They too are experts in many fields, one of them being all things internet selling, and so I was able to sit and listen to their wisdom on how to increase the Kneader’s profile and sales.  As a result, our Amazon pages for the US and Europe have now been amended and the increased Kneader sales that we’ve had over the week completely validate the changes.

Being a small business owner means being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ (I always say that “Kneads Must is my company AND my creed!”), but there comes a time when you have to surrender that mindset and let the experts take over.  It would have taken me MANY weeks (and considerable tears of frustration) to do what the NC team in one afternoon.  Likewise, SUCK UK’s experience of being a mega-successful retailer will always outweigh Kneads Must’s, because they have spent years working to understand the global internet sales market.

Does it cost?  Yes, but if I tried to do it all myself (and I have in the past) it would cost myself and my business so much more in botched attempts and mediocre results.  If, like Kneads Must, you’re lucky enough to find cool business people who remember what it was like to start off small and work like crazy to build their businesses, then you might just get a great deal.  A small business that wants to get bigger can’t afford to hold back when it comes to moving forward, but everything comes at a price – the trick is to have set parameters of what financial limit you can go squeeze to and then either get creative or get lucky with regard to how you achieve that goal.  Believe me, in order to survive, all small business owners and start-up entreprenuers must become experts in thinking ‘outside the box’.  I just wish there were was more help out there for us to find those roads less travelled, but I suppose that, in itself, is a Catch-22 situation.

One thing’s for certain, when you see those little business ducks come together in a row, even for just one day, it’s a sight that makes it all worthwhile!

If you’re interested, please check out the Kneads Must YouTube Channel or the Kneader UK Amazon page or Kneader US Amazon page

The Kneader