About Kneads Must

Una Tucker is both the founder of and product designer for Kneads Must, a company that’s on a mission to make massage easy for everyone. Una’s a professional therapist who designed the Kneader massage tool for her clients to use in-between treatments, and massage therapists all over the world now use it as a supplemental tool in their own routines! The company has been selling Kneaders online to both home massage enthusiasts and massage professionals since 2011.

Kneads Must is passionate about using the Kneader to help show people the positive effects of massage on the body and mind, so Una regularly shares quick and easy Kneader massage videos with everyone on Kneads Must’s YouTube Channel. In 2017, she developed the Kneader Chair Massage routine which is done – you guessed it! – with two Kneaders and has won both national and international massage awards. Demand for Kneader Chair Massage continued to grow so, in 2020, Kneads Must launched the Online Kneader Chair Massage Course for qualified therapists. Now massage professionals can grow their business by learning this easy and effective routine in their own space and time. Happy Massaging!

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What our customers say

“With a busy desk job, and being tall, getting neck, back and shoulder pain from time to time is unavoidable… the Kneader Onsite massage really gets into those sore and tight areas, leaving me feeling light and loose afterwards!  Highly recommended!”
Rob, London
“I went along for a Kneader massage due to suffering a sports injury which badly affected my neck, I was also having physio at that time which had not appeared to help much, if I am honest I thought this would be more of a pamper than a cure, but was pleasantly surprised not only by the thoroughness and knowledge of Una but also the after affects which over the coming weeks gave me full mobility again. Would certainly recommend to friends. Thanks Again, Mike.”
Mike, London
“I’ve been in practice for over 15yrs and this is a FAB tool. It’s perfectly formed for the hand (left or right) to use with ease. I’ve recommended this to all my colleagues and a couple of trainers. Its use is only limited by your imagination. What a thumb saver!!!”
SC, London