I just came across some fab massage oil candles and wanted to share them with you because a candle that can also be used for massage/body oil has GOT to be considered value for money!  In fact, I liked the product so much that I contacted the distributing company, which is Karaliz Cosmetics. They are a lovely bunch operating out of Ballymena and the owner Heather and I got on like the proverbial ‘house on fire’.  Heather has bought a Kneader for herself to use and her verdict was more than complimentary.  I quote:

“…it’s wonderful for tired aching legs and feet, a perfect combination to use with our karaliz body moisturising candles or on its own in the bath or shower with soap and great for therapists.”

Like all good businesswomen, Heather immediately spotted how complimentary her body oil candles are with the Kneader and she will be featuring the Kneader as a companion product on her site within the next couple of weeks.  The moisturising candles are a must – use them with your Kneader for a complete ‘win-win’ pampering experience!

Karaliz Cosmetics Moisturising Candles

The Kneader